Dreams never die, in 2011 Shakuwra Sandoval was asked one question, "If you could open and own any business what would it be?"

As a relatively new professional makeup artist, she quickly thought to herself, " I would create and sell a collection of luxury lashes."

She quickly remembered the day that started her love affair with makeup and how she felt. In 2008 she received a complete makeover for a runway show hosted by her University. She had never felt prettier and could hardly stop staring at herself with the makeup and lashes. This is the moment that she knew she had to become a makeup artist.

Shakuwra's mother and brother were both artists who drew, painted, crafted, and designed so she knew she could harness her innate creative ability and power that energy into makeup. As she grew in her field, Shakuwra realized one of her favorite and final touches to a makeover was adding the lashes; she felt it truly changed the look of the face.

In the years to come, she has tested and worn over thousands of pairs of lashes. Shakuwra has studied lengths, styles, and fullness and after years of intense research she has created a collection of supreme quality eyelash extensions.


Get Lashed features 100% hand crafted, cruelty-free, silk mink hair. Each strip has an invisible band that is light weight and most importantly hyperallergenic. Get Lashed specializes in the most natural yet full lashes for anyone or any occassion. Each pair of Get Lashed extensions can be worn over 25 times without shedding or damage with special care.. we know you will enjoy so go ahead and Get Lashed!

Get Lashed has 3 distinct curated collections: 

1. The Naked Collection features lashes that are perfect for "everyday" use and will highlight your natural beauty in an elegant way.
2. The Sexy Collection features can glam lashes that are flirty and date night ready.
3. The Vixen Collection features can show stopping,extravagant, and perfect for the world stage.